Sara Dittrich: Score for Room installation shot

In the Galleries: Sara Dittrich

By Mark Jenkins

Published in The Washington Post on January 26, 2017

Basically, “Score for Room” is a huge kick drum. But Sara Dittrich’s instrument/installation at Washington Project for the Arts is best played by multiple performers, so gallerygoers who want to experience it fully should go with a crowd.

The Baltimore artist has covered the floor with musical staff paper, part of which conceals sensors connected to a guitar amp. Pressure on the surface yields percussive sounds, and multiple feet produce more complex patterns. While making noise, walkers and dancers also dirty and tear the paper.

Dittrich’s piece — and its use of chance, electronics and destruction — follows a long tradition that includes musique concrète and John Cage’s compositions for radios and gramophones. The show’s final act will exemplify that. At 7 p.m. Feb. 11, Baltimore-Washington musician Benjamin Buchanan will interpret the musical score that has been written inadvertently by rips and scuff marks.

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