240" 60" x 48"


local MD clays


This work makes use of area clays, dug from different sites and transported to Arlington where they will become integrated with the ground here and with each other. The red is from Mt. Rainier, MD; the gold is from Hyattsville, MD; the white is from Stancills Mine in Perryville, MD. The purple and raspberry clays are from the Ft. Lincoln neighborhood in Northeast Washington, DC.

As the large chunks weather, clay washes down from the pedestals into the drawing below. A slight grade coaxes everything down hill. Metal bands separate colors and direct flow. This piece is an amplified, self-conscious version of what occurs naturally at construction sites or anywhere clay is unearthed. The different colors of clay run together on the ground, drying, cracking and re-hydrating with the changes in weather, creating a drawing that will evolve over the course of the exhibition.